Logline: When a new character from an unfinished novel discovers he was created just to be killed, he’ll have to fight his almighty writer and the main character of his book to stay alive

In a Toy Story meets Le Tableau world, the film is about characters from a book that hate their part in the plot.

When The Writer is sitting down in his computer writing, the characters and world he imagined bend to every order he commands with each word he puts down, but when he’s away, as actors in a play, the characters wake up to their true personality and they are not happy with the amateur writer and the way their story is developing.

Our main character, Trashis an unimportant background character in the novel that finds out he is going to die a few pages in the future.

But even though unimportant, Trash somehow finds he’s able to move out of script in the middle of the action that was being written to kill him, in front of The Writer’s eyes and without his command. Everyone is astonished by his ability.

Trash takes upon himself to gather his friends that are also unhappy with their role and escape from The Writer and the main character of the book, the Hero Elrick, who plays a good hearted, humble heroic warrior in the novel, but truly, when the writer looks away, he’s a diva who hates working with his amateur co-workers and only enjoys being in the spotlight in every chapter of the story.

The Writer thinks he’s seeing things, as the letters of Trash’s actions literally appear in front of his eyes. Elrick is infuriated and threatened that a low life like Trash would have such an ability to move at his own will. Even Trash himself doesn’t know how he did it really, but for his life's sake, he’s happy to have this power.

Trash decides to run away while The Writer is sleeping, taking with him the eccentric group of other unfulfilled characters. But they can’t run away forever from Elrick the Hero, who’s much more powerful than Trash, and they can’t definitely NOT run away from the god-like figure of The Writer, who can literally change, edit, delete and create from thin air anything he imagines and writes down in words.

The question remains: What can he do to take control of his story?

© 2018 Plot Twist story by Rodrigo Costa. All Rights Reserved.