Elrick is the hero of this book. The Writer imagines him as a righteous, humble character, ready to risk his life to protect the other creatures of his world. But when the Writer is not looking, he's actually a diva with superstar complexes, he's a classic bully and hates dealing with amateurs. He's the star of this book and he makes sure everyone is aware of that at all times.
Alma used to be a strong and relevant princess from the noble tribe of the amazons. Her story-line basically stopped mattering when the writer decided to match her too early to Elrick. Even though they all hate working with Elrick, she despises it most of all, since all of her scenes are with him.
Trash is... Well he's a nobody. He was just created on this story to be a discardable steward, but very quickly he finds out he's going to get murdered and he didn't even have any time to say his first line of dialogue yet! He doesn’t really know how to change his fate, but he’s willing to do anything to survive this unfair turn of events.
Valpurga is the dark, evil, corrupted witch that Elrick is fighting in the novel. But to be honest, she couldn’t care less about any of that. She’d rather fool around with the young boys from the villages, since she’s actually a bit sick of casting spells and making potions. How did she learn all this spells when she doesn’t even like reading?
Buffy is the classic muscle/no brain character in the book. He’s an important ally of Elrick, for the hero, when the fights get a bit tougher. But in reality, he’s as delicate and sensible as a butterfly. He’s a lot smarter than he looks, but he would rather spend his days caring for his private garden if he had the chance. And if he had one.
Archibald is just a fool. He’s not an important character, actually he named himself Archibald since the writer didn’t call him by anything else except the fool, but he likes it that way! He plays his little part just well enough so that no one notices him at all. He likes walking around and listening to the gossip from the ‘cast’ of main characters that always have something to complain about!

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