Our artists have worked in some of the biggest VFX and Animation studios in the world. They have many combined years of experience in working with high end quality work for Visual Effects and Animation feature films and projects. We're super proud of the high quality work and skills they have been able to offer to this project.

Read below to get to know them better!

Rodrigo Costa
Creator, Writer and Director

Industrial Light & Magic 

Born in Portugal from Brazilian parents, he first tried traditional hand-drawn animation when he was attending the Fine-Art University in Lisbon. He found his love for the craft and went on to study CG character animation at Animation Mentor. 

He has since worked as a Character & Creature Animator at Illumination Macguff, Framestore and has recently joined Industrial Light & Magic in London.

Rodrigo is the one who came up with the idea in the summer of 2017 and is working hard to make this exciting project a reality.

Aaron Hunwick
Character Modelling / Texturing

3D Modeller / Texture Artist

Originally from New Zealand Aaron started teaching himself 3D at the age of 15. He studied at the Whanganui School of Design and went on to work in video games progressing into a 3D modeller role at Weta Digital.

He then moved to London to expand his skillset working as a Modeller and 3D Generalist at Framestore Commercials.

Aaron was the first modeller on board! He set up the overall look of the CG characters and their textures.

Albert Valls
Environment Modelling

Senior Modeller
Boulder Media

Born in Spain, Albert is currently living in Dublin, Ireland, working as a Senior CG Modeller for Bouler Media. He also works as a freelance Hard Surface Concept Modeller and teaches at Florida University.

After double-graduating in Audiovisuals and Multimedia he started working on TV shows, but quickly discovered that his passion was creating films. He took a two-year Animation Master in Spain and moved to London to further improve his skills. After working for two years on VFX at Framestore and The Third Floor he decided to follow his dreams, leaving the bigger Hollywood projects to work in feature animation.
Albert's first applied to the project through Artella and his experience in set modelling turned out to be a great addition to our team!

Alon Ziv

Storyboard Artist
Pitchi Poy Animation Productions

Alon was born in Israel and graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2013, where he studied animation and filmmaking. He worked mainly as an animator in projects ranging from commercials to feature films until he shifted to Storyboards and storytelling, a field he discovered to be his real passion. Since then he worked on different TV shows for young audiences for Nickelodeon, brown bag among others.

A friend of a friend, Alon joined the team to bring this story to life. His great sense of comedy and camera to the team and we were super happy to have him jumping on board with us!

Catarina Goncalves

Prep Artist
Double Negative

She's a Portuguese with a BA in Audiovisual & Multimedia, so she’s familiar with all things pre/prod & post. Looking for a challenge she moved to London to get into VFX.

There, she studied Compositing at Escape Studios and was promptly scooped up by Double Negative where she worked her way up from runner into a Prep role within their film department.

Catarina jumped on board at the beginning to help the project organization. Will later on help with her knowledge of post production and compositing.

Daniela Maiorana
Character Modelling

3d Generalist Student
IED's University

Born near Venice, Italy, Daniela studied law for ten years to become a judge. There she completed a Master's degree with a focus on Information Technology Law as well as an advanced degree in IT Administrative Law.

In 2017 she made a major life change and shifted her career focus.  She is now a full-time student and freshman at the CG Animation course at IED's University.  She particularly enjoys 3D modeling and texture art but she would like to specialize in grooming.

Daniela joined the team to model a very difficult and dear character for the team, Alma, a task that she took with her full excitement, commitment, and talent!

David Ronnes
Environment Modelling

Junior Modeler
Boulder Media

Born in The Netherlands with a big interest in movies, music, and video games. Always interested in the way those moved people and wanting to be part of that process he studied everything in the VFX/animation pipeline in the USA. 
After he graduated in 2016 he started working as a modeling and texture artist on an animated series in Vienna. Currently, he is working on an animated feature in Dublin as an environment modeler at Boulder Media.
David came to us as a colleague of Albert, and he's been working hard on the environment team to create our fantastic world as visually appealing as possible!

Hyeonyi O'Brien
Environment Modelling

3D Modeller/Texture Artist


Hyeonyi was the first person we took on the project that applied from Artella. Her skills in modelling environments and Look Dev are of great help in bringing this world to life!

Jacopo Piccini
Character Modelling

Lighting TD
Jellyfish Animation

Born in Rome, Italy, he's been passionate about animation since a young age, being shocked first by watching Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts from Aardman during a kids' open-air cinema session, in Villa Borghese. He graduated in Industrial Design first and then studied CG in Italy.

Since 2014 he started working in London as a Modeler/Texture artist for companies like Aardman, Coffee&TV, Freefolk and then his current employer, Jellyfish Animation.

We're glad to have Jacopo take the challenge to model our main character!

Juba Polati


Born in Brazil, he started experimenting with stop motion and film making in his early teens, he kindled his passion for the art of Animation which eventually led him to Vancouver Film School to study 3D Animation.

He has worked as an Animator for Lunar Animation studios, and is currently at Framestore London.

Juba joined the project at the early stages of character designs. He has given moral support, opinions and story ideas throughout. He'll later offer his skills as an animator to bring our characters to life.

Kiel Figgins

Lead Animator
Industrial Light & Magic

Born in the USA, he studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, University of Maine and Full Sail University and has now 10+ years of experience in the industry. Besides being a phenomenal animator he has also been rigging his own characters for over 14 years.

With over 15 feature film credits in Visual Effects under his belt, he has worked on many of the big VFX companies like MPC, Double Negative, Digital Domain, The Mill, Method Studios, The Third Floor, Framestore and is currently working at Industrial Light & Magic as a Lead Animator.

Although he's an animator, Kiel joined us to set up the characters body rigs.

Marion Strunck
Character Design/Art Direction/Animation

Senior/Lead Animator

Originally from Germany,  has studied Character Animation at the acclaimed animation school The Animation Workshop in Denmark and landed an internship at Framestore in London where she was later hired.

She has worked at Industrial Light & Magic and has now come back to Framestore where she’s a Senior/Lead animator.

Marion was the first person to join Rodrigo in the project, giving the characters their first look and design. Her help was invaluable for the project and to get other people excited to join!

Marius Hatlelid
Environment Modelling

3D Artist
Black Book

Marius is a Norwegian 3D Artist with a background in VFX, commercials, and games. He took a bachelor in I.T. and started working in the industry in 2014, having worked to date in around 40 different projects. Most of his experience comes from working as a generalist, but he's most comfortable working with characters.

Currently, he's working on an upcoming AR game, sourcing Norwegian folk stories, legends, and myths.

Marius has joined us to help the fantastic environment modeling team where he started working on props and objects and environment.

Natthawat Dos Jamtaksa

Lighting, Look Dev & Compositing
Alternate & Riff Animation Studio

Born in Thailand, Dos used to be a freelance comic artist in Japan and won Silent Manga Audition Award with his twin. He began his career as a comic artist while studying in high school, known formerly as DosDrive.

After his sophomore year in University, He started branching out into 3D animation for a new challenge.

He's also a co-director with his twin on animated short Memorial, winning the Special Jury Mention at Short of the Year (Spain), First place at Florida Animation Festival (USA) and has been selected in SIGGRAPH Asia 2017.

Ramon Arango
Facial Rigging


In his early life he was known as the shy guy who made animated stick figure fights in books he was supposed to read.

Rather unsuccessful studying engineering he kept daydreaming of films he wanted to make, which became reality by giving up on quantum mechanics and more importantly, applying to Hochschule Luzern in his home turf of Switzerland.

Graduation 2017 was followed by a modeling & rigging internship at Pixar and now his first job as an animator at Framestore in London.

Ramon joined to land his skills as a facial rigger to the group. This hard craft has to be meticulous since it's with the face and emotions of the characters that the audience will mostly empathize with.

Simon Blüthenkranz

Lighter and Compositing Artist
Arx Anima

Simon is from Austria and he approached us through artella, having worked on different projects in the platform. He's a technically proficient artist that is helping us a great deal on getting our first look at how our film will look when is ready.

His friendly personality, technical abilities and good artistic eye is a great asset to our team and we're super happy to have him on the team.

Su Wang
Environment Designer

Concept Designer

Su is from Cork, Ireland but is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He works as a full-time freelancer doing concept artwork for games with various companies.
He originally worked as an architect in New York City and Dublin but finding that the profession wasn't for him, he went on to study at the FZD School of Design in Singapore for a year, from which he graduated in 2017.
Su's incredible portfolio called our attention immediately and we were very happy to have him as a concept designer to invent our short film's environment. 

Tim Fraser
Script Writer


Tim Fraser is a writer from London. He graduated from the National Film & Television School in 2017 with an MA in Screenwriting. As part of the course, he had his work performed at the Soho Theatre, including the one-man short play CANDY. He is now adapting it into a short film with producer Lucy Sneddon.
Animated short HOMEGROWN, that he co-wrote with director Quentin Haberham, has been selected for several film festivals, winning the Special Jury Prize at BendFilm Festival (USA) and Best Short Animation at Olympia Film Festival (Greece). In 2017, Tim’s TV pilot script, THE SHADOWS, was long-listed for the BBC Writersroom Drama Script Room.
This year, he has worked for showrunner Dominic Minghella (DOC MARTIN, ROBIN HOOD) as a Writers’ Assistant in the writers’ room for the second series of History Channel’s KNIGHTFALL.
Tim used to work at an e-learning company as an instructional designer before leaving it all behind to naively follow his dreams. Before discovering screenwriting, Tim wrote poetry and acted. He also likes music and cats, and is pretty handy on a drum kit.

Tobi Trebeljahr
Visual Development

Visual Development Artist

Born in 87 in Germany he has been drawing all his life and making a career out of it since 2008.

Starting with CG at age 14 he worked in Video Games, Animation, Theme Park Design and many more fields in various capacities. He’s worked in Visual Development for some of the big names in the Animation Industry such as Animal Logic (The Lego Movie Sequel), ReelFX (Wish Police), Spa Studios (Klaus) and Warner Bros. (Wish), amongst others.

Since 2013 Tobi is enrolled as a student at Filmakademie baden-Württemberg.

Tobi was called out to help give visuals to the words. His knowledge of world building, composition, color and character makes all of the difference to bring this project to life!

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